Advisor to WECW Radio Station

I co-advised the Elmira College's student-run radio station WECW, which is broadcast on FM dial 107.7 and live at . I provide technical and media support for the radio station and enjoy working with the WECW student Board of Directors. See the history of WECW in photos.

Image link to WECW live player on the web

Free WECW mobile apps ๐ŸŽต

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from the Congo (I took the photograph to the right in 1971 of a group of children in a rural village on the Equator) I provide a personal perspective on the Peace Corps to Elmira College students. I talk to students individually and give presentations of personal experiences as part of a general information session led by the Peace Corps Regional Recruiter.

Since 1961 when the Peace Corps was founded, 77 Elmira College students have served as volunteers, which is a remarkably high number when compared to colleges much larger. According to data provided by the Peace Corps through 2008, Elmira College students have served in 48 different countries including Senegal, Turkey, Thailand, Guatemala, Peru, and Kenya.

Students interested in learning more about the Peace Corps can contact the Office of Career Services for dates of upcoming recruiting visits or e-mail me directly at

Group of children in rural village in Congo Equatorial province

My Volunteer Websites

I primarily use Classic Google Sites and look forward to transitioning the new Google Sites when it is more fully developed. You can also click on the home page screenshots to go directly to the corresponding site.

Image link to the Park Church, Elmira website that I designed

The Park Church, Elmira, NY website

Image link to Peace Corps Friends of Congo website that I designed

Peace Corps Friends of DR Congo website