Welcome to my site!

From Elmira to the Congo and Back

After spending almost a decade overseas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I joined the Elmira College administration in 1984 and have had the pleasure of continuing my primary work in instructional technology through the end of September, 2018 when I retired.

For much of my career at Elmira I taught courses in statistics, computer literacy, and hypermedia until I devoted all of my working time as Director of Academic Technology. It has been a joy and a privilege to work in a small liberal arts college such as Elmira College and to have the opportunity to impact students and faculty in their use of technology for teaching and learning.

As a user of emerging, mobile, multimedia, and social media technologies, I use community and learning tools such as Twitter (@mpondu) to expand my personal learning network and share my knowledge with others, especially the Elmira College community.

I invite you to read through my web pages that include conference presentations and papers, websites that I design, a list of current, ongoing, and past projects, teaching and learning with technology sites that I recommend, and my interests outside of work. Your feedback is welcome!

Joe Fahs, Instructional Technology Consultant

Contact: joefahs@gmail.com