Website Design Portfolio

As part of my professional work and volunteer activities I design websites, three of which are described below. See the Community page for sites that I develop personally. The focus is on simplicity and functionality with embedded images and media such as videos, slideshows, and interactive pages. I primarily use Classic Google Sites and look forward to transitioning these legacy sites to the new Google Sites when the later is more fully developed. Click on any of the home page screenshots to go directly to the corresponding site.

The Teaching with Canvas and Canvas for Students sites are created with the actual Canvas learning management system using Canvas content pages and the multi-featured Rich Content Editor.

Teaching with Canvas is a complement to my Teaching with Canvas newsletter, which is sent at least once weekly to all Elmira College faculty. The website is updated continuously to meet the changing and ongoing teaching and learning needs of faculty and also to highlight new features implemented by Instructure.

I designed the front page buttons with PowerPoint and then export them as images files.

Image link to Elmira College's Teaching with Canvas website

Elmira College Teaching with Canvas website.

The Information and Resources site provides a central goto page for Elmira College College faculty to quickly access the many resources they need for administration and teaching. The tabs are links to Google Drive folders, allowing site collaborators to easily add and update documents by simply dragging new or revised files into the corresponding Google Drive. Buttons are created with PowerPoint and then exported as images. The Canvas at Elmira College home page is an all-purpose landing page to sign in to Canvas, access help and training resources, and related IT links.

Image link to Elmira College Faculty Information and Resources

Elmira College Faculty Info and Resources site

Image link to Elmira College Canvas home page

Home page of Canvas at Elmira College.

I use Blogger to develop and write posts for my Teaching and Learning with Technology Blog including a series of posts on blended learning and a Twitter timeline using the hashtag #BlendKit2017

Image link to my Teaching and Learning with Technology Blog