Courses Taught

As an adjunct instructor I taught courses in multimedia, computer literacy, and introductory statistics to Elmira College undergraduate and graduate students from 1986 to 2002. My favorite course was Statistical Methods. I became an immediate devotee of the time-honored textbook: Statistics by Freedman, Pisani, and Purves, which is still taught to this day. Statistics focuses on concepts and less on memorization of formulas, providing students with numerical reasoning skills to analyze data on their own such as diagramming box models. (The text also cleverly includes relevant and humorous cartoons by the Dana Fradon of the New Yorker magazine.) I supplemented the textbook with Minitab computer labs, meaningful and fun projects, and "real-world" data sets, which were a bit more difficult to acquire a decade ago.

Although presently I devote all my working time as Director of Academic Technology, I fondly remember the joy of engaging my students in learning new (at that time!) technologies. If you go back far enough to recall here is a list of mostly obsolete software: PC Write, Microsoft Works for DOS, Claris Home Page, HyperCard, and HyperStudio. Celebrating 30 years in 2017 there is a HyperCard emulator on the Internet Archive.

  • EDU 5465 Teaching Hypercard in the Classroom
  • MAT 2090 Statistical Methods
  • CSC 1010 Intro EDP (Computer Literacy)
  • EDU 5475 Internet for Educators
  • EDU 5470 Multimedia for Educators